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Kirsty May, Short Girl Runner

Kirsty May at Tokyo Marathon

Short Girl Runner hopes to set PB at Inverness Half Marathon

Kirsty May, also known as Short Girl Runner, has run seven marathons and cut her time significantly – from 5:12 to an impressive 3:36. Kirsty is now gearing up for the Inverness Half Marathon; using it as a training race for her eighth marathon.

Kirsty has been documenting her training on the lead up to the Manchester Marathon, which takes place in April, on her Instagram page. There she highlights the ups and downs of training for a long-distance run.

And we recently spoke to her about her training plan on the lead up to Inverness Half Marathon.

“I have been training for the Manchester Marathon since the beginning of December and when I first sign up to a marathon, I look for races throughout the training period that I can tie in to training and, in some cases, use to test my fitness. The Inverness Half Marathon comes at an ideal time for me to go for a personal best. My brother ran his first marathon in Inverness last October and I went to support him, as well as running the 5k myself. It’s such a beautiful part of the country that I was very keen to go back and run again myself.

“I work full time and it can be hard especially through the winter and dark nights to stay motivated to train. So what works for me is having a structured training plan and a goal to aim for. My training plan is stuck up on the fridge at home and I tick sessions off as I go. I get a real sense of satisfaction doing it this way. At the start of each week I make a plan of when I will be doing each run, this stops me missing any sessions because of other things going on at home or work.

“I am really looking forward to running the Inverness Half Marathon for the first time in March. The last time I set a PB in a half marathon was in February last year. Now I hope that, with following the training plan and building my mileage, I can get a new PB in Inverness.”

Good luck, Kirsty! We look forward to seeing you in Inverness on 8th March.

Follow Kirsty as she prepares for the Inverness Half Marathon on her Instagram page: www.instagram.com/shortgirlrunner

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