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Training Zone

Whether you’re a ½ Marathon veteran or a first time runner,  you’ll find all the information here to kick-start your training, including training programmes, choosing the right gear, medical information and more.


Getting your nutrition right can make you a healthier, fitter and faster runner, and can help your recovery.

Health & Injury

How to keep healthy and knowing what to do if you do pick up an injury is really important when running any distance.

The Runners’ Medical Resource is a great website that focuses on how to look after your body and ensure you have a safe and healthy race.



Running is a simple sport: all you really need to start is the right pair of running shoes, some kit that doesn’t rub and a good sports bra if you’re a woman.

Maximise your performance with Run4It, our retail partner. Get your running gait analysed before you start clocking up the miles.

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